Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Watching The Skies Together - Sun., 6/6/10

I was over at my mom's tonight when we started seeing thunderstorm and flood warnings around northern and western Utah, along with parts of Wyoming. It was so amazing to see the clouds rolling in as the sun was beginning to set. Pretty soon I could hear thunder and seen some lightning. Didn't get much rain out of it all however. I didn't have an actual camera, but I had my phone so I decided to start taking pictures. The picture above is my favorite. Actually, Whitey had been taking pictures with her Nikon camera and we were able to get the same cloud formation that probably floated above her house right before mom's along the mountains. Since my pictures were taken with my phone, they weren't as nice. I loved being outside while all this was happening. Mom was in and out with me. I came home and wrote some thoughts down on paper and came up with this.

Watching the Skies Together
By: Janette Sprankle - 6/6/2010
As I sit here with my mom.
There’s a lot that comes to mind,
In the early hours of the evening,
There are thoughts of every kind.

The sun is slowly setting
In the blue skies to the west,
Through the years I think of pretty sunsets
In Utah, they are the very best.

The clouds are starting to gather,
The thunder starts to roll,
It won’t be long til’ it starts to rain,
The breeze is soothing to my soul.

It was such a sight to see
It was beautiful to say the least,
We went in and out of the house
We looked to the west and then the east.

As my Mom stood out beside me
And we looked up with our eyes,
She said “Dad was up there for you girls
Swirling the clouds around the sky”.

And now the sun has disappeared
Behind the island of the lake,
The clouds are forming big grey puffs,
This is so beautiful,…we’ll just stand here and partake.