Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Nathan ! ! !

Can't call it a day until I have wished my Son, Nathan a Happy Birthday! He is awesome and his Momma (and Dad) loves him dearly. This picture is still one of my most favorite pictures of him. It was taken at the Kennesaw Mt. National Battlefield Park (click on the link to learn more about the park) in Marietta, GA (right next to Atlanta). We were visiting Dave's sister Sylvia and brother-in-law Bob in Atlanta this weekend and went over there to the park. Dave has always been a history buff so where ever we traveled we were learning a history lesson at the same time. Nathan has lived in Arkansas for 2 years (the beginning of March), and it's been 2 years ago in May since we saw him last. So, today has been an emotional day just because I miss him so much and when thinking back on the day he was born 36 years ago in Concord, MA., it was an amazing day. What an event that was! I wrote a poem last year for his birthday, so I don't have one this year but if you want to read it you can go to my blog post last January. Love you N8!