Monday, July 26, 2010

AS I RECALL,.......

Grandpa’s Old Truck
By: Janette Spencer Sprankle
July 2010
Grandpa’s truck, well it seemed mighty big,
It surely was an enormous huge green rig.
Next to it us kids were all so small,
But it was the best darn truck to make his hauls.

In the back of the truck we’d be so high,
Back then it seemed we were high as the sky.
My dad and us kids would help load it up,
It was fun for us all to be up in the truck.

Sometimes when we were done, Grandpa would say,
“Climb on in”.…. then we’d be on our way.
Off to ‘market’ us few would happily go,
With all the produce in the truck we’d go real slow.

It was fun when Grandpa would say “click-click-click”,
From one red light to the next he’d do a magic trick.
For just as we approached the dreaded red lights,
The magic did happen, the green would pop up bright.

No stopping for us,…no not at all,
On through the intersections we’d go at a steady crawl.
My Grandpa was special cuz’ he could make it happen,
Those of us with him would do a lot of clappin’.

We'd take Beck Street in to the big city,
That turned into 3rd West that got kind of busy.
Pretty soon the Market Place would appear,
Grandpa would sale his stuff and say “we’re out of here”!

It is hard to recall the year, model and make,
If Dad were here he could tell us with no mistake.
I was always so happy when the truck would pull up,
So I could climb up in to my Grandpa’s Old Truck.

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's Independance Day !

Happy Birthday America ! ! !
By: Janette Sprankle
July 4, 2010

The VA is the place that I work,
It’s top notch in every way.
It employs great doctors and a whole bunch of nurses
Who take care of our Veteran’s every day.

It’s my ‘home away from home’ no doubt,
I’m happy to say I LOVE what I do.
To serve those who serves us all,
And to honor the RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Independence Day is the birthday of our Nation,
It’s what the founding fathers fought for.
If the parchment hadn’t been signed on that day,
What would our country have had in store?

As I think of our fallen soldiers,
Those who sacrificed and fought until the end.
I can’t help but feel in my heart,
They are my heroes, their bravery I will commend.

Our country is so unique,
From sea to shining sea.
When we celebrate this great holiday,
We’ll think of those who keeps us free.

While standing at the parade and as the flag passes by,
The anthem will surely be played by the band.
I’ll stand with pride at attention,
And to my heart I’ll raise my hand.

When night-time comes upon it all,
The fireworks will begin to rise.
The colors that light up the heavens above,
Will surely make us look up and marvel at the sky.

So Happy Birthday America!
It’s time to come together and strike up the band.
While we eat our hot dogs, potato salad and corn on the cob,
We’ll celebrate the freedom of this great land!