Sunday, June 28, 2009

Post #3 - The Gangster Museum of America

Also on Saturday we went in to The Gangster Museum of America. It is something Nathan and Pamela had been wanting to see since they moved to Hot Springs from Blytheville in April. Anyway, it was something Dave and I wanted to see also, so we went in. They say that this museum was the winner of the 2009 Tourism of The Year Award.
This is what their little brochure says. "Take yourself back to the days of the 20's, 20's, and 40's when mineral water, gambling, bootlegging, and other extreme pleasures brought visitors from all over the world to Hot Springs, Arkansas".
"The Gangster Museum of America is an historic and entertaining account of how some of the most violent and infamous criminals in America co-existed with the quaint population of this little valley town in the mountains of central Arkansas. The high-tech audiovisual experience of the four galleries is in itself worth the price of admission. Play in the antique casino and hear the historian in the museum theater relate who, what, when, and where stories that are facinating, informative, and educational. Capone, Luciano, Madden, Siegel, Maxine and the rest of the gang will be waiting for you".
Before visiting the museum, I had no clue that all these mobsters had come to this town and do what they do. Capone and probably the rest of them stayed in the Arlington Hotel (I mentioned in my earlier post) on a certain floor and in a certain room. It was pretty interesting. They showed a film about the mobsters and if I remember correctly, they said that Capone and the rest of them didn't go out in daylight for days at a time. They used the tunnels to get from one place to the other. Nate got to hold a real Thompson Machine Gun in the Felony Theatre they showed the film in. I'd like to tell the whole story as we heard it, but it would take way too long.
Any way, here are a few pictures I took while there.

Here I am giving Al Capone a shoulder rub

Some of you may know what game this is,....all I know is that it's antique

Southern Club Roulette Wheel

Two of the 3 antique slot macines.

I got to pull the arm of what they called the "one arm bandit" twice

The day was enjoyable. I hope you enjoed going to The Gangster Museum of America with us. If you would like to know more, here are some links to click on. This site is way cool. It has alot of info. One more link. I think you get the picture now. Thanks for going!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Post #2 - Downtown Hot Springs - Bath House Row

The next day, Saturday, May 23rd we went downtown and walked around. They say Hot Springs is America's First Resort city and one of the South's most popular family vacation and convention spots. Check this site out for information on Hot Springs. Rather than me type all this stuff out, check on the underlined link above and read what you are interested in. Click on the Fordyce Bath House link below to read about the bath house we went in. Pretty interesting. There is a bunch of bath houses on "Bath House Row" (which is on main street) but as far as we could tell, there is only one working one now. There are working bath places in some of the hotels like the Arlington Hotel which has alot of history to it. If you go to the left hand column at the hotel site, you can click on the "About the Arlington" an read about it. I'll be mentioning the Arlington in my next post also. It may surprise some of you what that post will be about. But this hotel is a beautiful building. You can see the building in the background when you go in to the Fordyce Bath House site. In the old days, people would pay good money during that time frame to go in and have somebody else bathe them. At this link it tells about the bath house which we toured in. Also, the Fordyce is the Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center. Click here to see what the steps to a great bathing experience is. Here is some pictures of my own:
#1) The four of us out in the wooden rocking chairs on the porch of the Fordyce Bath House. #2) Dave standing in front of the Ozark Bath House. He said "he was going to go in and make sure they had the appropriate license to have a destructive device" on their premises. Of course he was joking, but that is the federal investigator coming out in him. #3) Pamela and Nate sitting waiting for Dave to come back from the potty room. #4) One of the shower type things they used in the bath house. #5) One of the bathtubs, kind of dirty looking we thought. #6) Another shower type thing? #7) There was a label that said these hoses were used on women when they wanted a deuche,....woooeeeeeee!. #8) The steam cabinets. If you ever watched the "I Love Lucy" episode you could see her one. If I remember correctly, she was really hot and sweaty. #9) An information plaque telling about the steam cabinets. You may double click on it and be able to read it. Not sure. #10) A fountain on the men's side of the bath house. #11) Stained glass in the ceiling above the fountain. Pretty cool looking I thought. #12) The main street looking down a bit and #13) The main street looking up a little.

Post #1 - Hot Springs, Arkansas

Dave was in training in Huntsville, Alabama beginning May 4th thru' May 22nd. When he was finished there that Friday, he rented a car and drove to Little Rock, Arkansas where he picked me up at the airport in the evening. It took exactly 1 hour for us to drive to Nathan and Pamela's. We arrived in Hot Springs just before dark. The two of them came to the motel where we were staying (4 nights free with Dave's earned points, and 1 night paid). It wasn't the most luxurios but we were not to complain as points are points, and free IS free ! We only needed a place to lay our heads at night,....that's all. Saturday we went over to N8 and Pamela's to check out where they are living now. They are renting a really nice older home with a huge back yard. One big beautiful Magnolia tree and several River Oak trees along with some bushes, etc. There is a small stream in the back also and some Dewberries along the back fence line (Pamela made a Dewberry pie for us whil we were there). Here are some pictures of the yard and house, etc. #1) Nathan & Pamela; #2) Front of their house; #3) Looking towards Pamela's garden from back deck; #4) Bloomed Magnolia in center of picture; #5) Looking from the bottom of yard towards back of house and garage; #6) Part of back yard; #7) Little stream in the yard. The pictures don't show how big the yard really is. There's some grass on the other side of the garage with a nice big tree. Also there is a work shop in the back of the garage with a locking door and 2 windows in it. (Next post will be of our walk down town in Hot Springs).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

If Dad Could Write A Letter
By: Janette
If Dad could write a letter
What do you think he’d say?
He’d say, “I’m fine, you need not worry"
My days are never gray.

If Dad could write a letter
I’m sure he would confide,
He’d say I’m always happy
For God is at my side.

If Dad could write a letter
He’d write down his many thoughts.
He’d say I think of all my girls
There’s not one moment I do not!

If Dad could write a letter
He’d make sure that we all know,
His “heart light’s” on forever
For us it will always glow.

If Dad could write a letter
He would write on every line,
He’d say he’s always with us
And forever he’ll be fine.

I think I’ll write a letter
To Heaven it will go.
My Dad can read the words I wrote
From way down here below.

And in my letter to My Dad,
Amongst the things I want to say,
You are the best, I love you lots!
Have a Heavenly Happy Father’s Day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

NEW BABY - Anni (as in Annie)

Some people get new real babies added to their families,....I got a new kitten. I know, don't have to say it, I have no business getting another animal, but she has already stolen our hearts. Dave let me get a new baby kitten from Ashley's friend, Kimberly. We got her on the 2nd of June at which time she was 5 1/2 weeks old. Kimberly had about 3 to give away, so Ashley helped talk her Dad in to letting me get Anni. He said if I wanted her bad enough, he would give her to me for my anniversary present (actually, he is getting off pretty easy since she didn't cost him anything!). And so HE named her ANNI (for anniversary). Here is one of many pictures to come. She is the sweetest little thing and smart too! She's sleeping on my lap now as I type. Ashley would say she is spoiled, however,.....she has helped make her that way. In fact, sometimes I have to wonder if she is my kitten, or Ashley's,..... but that's ok because I share nice. Ash really does love her.