Saturday, August 7, 2010

Birthday Wishes All The Way To Heaven!

Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Dad
August 7, 2010
By: Janette
Today is but a special day
In so many, many different ways.
Happy Birthday to my sweet dear Dad
Eighty-two of those are what he would have had.

Although Heaven is where he has gone to reside
He’s got Grandma and Grandpa forever at his side.
Today is the day he comes ‘home’ for a visit
No doubt in ‘his’ chair,….if only in spirit.

In the Temple he’ll be sealed forever
To his Mother and Father so dear.
There will be members of the ‘Spencer Club’
Who will witness this great ceremony of love.

His presence will be felt in the place that he stands
There will be Love abounding and spiritual shaking of hands.
I’m sure there will be wishes he has for us all
That will be delivered by angels from that Heavenly Hall.

Families can be FOREVER Dad, and from this day forward, you’ll be having Happy FOREVER Birthdays!