Saturday, March 27, 2010

There Is A Birthday,....A Very Special Birthday !

Happy Birthday Sue! Lot's of memories, ....... fun times, not so fun times, beautiful sunny days and very gray days, school days and summer days, childhood days to grownup days and so much more. They were all shared between an aunt and four nieces that loves you like a sister. We all feel very Blessed that you are OURS!
Love You!


My Easter tree for 2010 is done. Besides the white lights that are always on it, I came up with what I think is some cute stuff. After looking at the picture of the tree, I realize I need to make some adjustments of the ornaments. I bought the glass egg shaped ornaments (Dave says they look like light bulbs) at Ben Franklin. I wanted to fill them with something different than what they filled their’s with, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. After much thought and deciding what I wasn’t going to put in them,…..I came up with these (there are twenty of them). Five of the eggs has shredded pastel blue, pink and yellow paper. Here is a picture of the shape the paper is after coming out of the shredder. I folded each piece of paper accordion style. It took 200 pieces to fill an egg. I doubt there are 200 in all of them (5), but this particular one I counted. Second I decided folding the paper was crazy and took up too much of my time, so I bought the same three colors in Easter (non-messy) grass. The result was this. Next, I found some cute rubber Easter ornaments at Ben Franklin also and the other day when I went over to the store to see what else I could put on my tree, Ashley brought some cute little polka dot flowers to my attention. They were actually made out of flower shaped chip board, covered with scrapbook paper with a white button in the middle and placed on a stick that came out of the ‘party’ section. I was already to make me some of these flowers, but they didn’t have all of the supplies I needed. One of the nice employees sold me the whole bouquet and decorated can they were in for $5.99 !!!! I couldn’t pass that deal up,…..So the flowers got stuck randomly all over the tree. I have some other projects for Spring I want to do yet,… stay tuned for more.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


As some of you might know, my office (HRL&E group) have been moved to a different building on the VA campus. I haven't got all unpacked yet, BUT I have decorated one half of my cubby for Saint Paddy's Day. I also helped with advertising the luncheon Mary and I decided to get put together in the break room. I helped her with decorating the front office and she's gone around and put shamrocks etc. on our name plates by our office doors. We have such a good time doing this. We had a big ta' do last year, and nobody had planned anything for this year, so I guess we are doing it. We have all been under alot of stress from the move so it's time to relax and have a good time. This is a picture of my tree at home with all the decorations on it. There will also be a picture of my cubby ( so you can see where I live 9 hrs. a day), and also the board I did in the break room and a picture of the front office we decorated. I posted these on Facebook because alot of people don't do the blogging thing. Also below is posted my 2010 St. Patrick's poem that is not on FB. It is on the board in my cubby with last years's poem, along with 14 Irish Blessings I printed out. People come in and check them out that I work with and have picked their favorites out. Enjoy!

A Day of Fun,...St. Patrick's Day
By: Janette Sprankle
The man St. Patrick was a patron
They say a Saint in every way,
In Ireland he taught the folks
Of God, and to Him they should pray.
They say Ireland is the Emerald Isle
Where the fields of clover grow,
The folks they dance the Irish Jig
And sing, "My Wild Irish Rose".
The Irish have a lot of stories
Some are false and some are true,
The one is how St. Patrick
Drove the snakes right out of view.
And as I was sitting here and thinking
Of St. Paddy's day of yore,
The celebrations they were having
In a land far from our Eastern shore.
An Irish song I played years ago
Was a favorite of my dear sweet Dad,
"I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover"
Was one of my favorites too, I might add.
It tis' the day we wear our green
Heaven help us if we do not,
For a pinch here and a pinch there
I'm sure will hurt a whole lot!
And even tho' I'm not an Irishman
There is one thing that's for sure
My wish for you, ... all the Irish Blessings
That you could possibly endure.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

HR Is On The Move!

My new cubbie in a room of four. My NEW computer won't be in until tomorrow. Also, this is before all my boxes were brought in. It's going to be another clean-out day once they get there and I start unpacking. PURGE, PURGE, PURGE ! ! ! ! I can't believe how much stuff I have collected over the last four years when we moved in to the building we've been in. I think I must of not thrown anything away before that move to have had all that I found I had over this past week. It will be nice to get settled again. Eight more days and I will have been at the VA for TEN years! Can hardly belive it!
The Great HR Move of Twenty-Ten
By: Janette Sprankle

HR moved in Feb. of Two-Thousand-Six
From Bldg. 11, it was a mess and couldn't be fixed.

It is now March of Twenty-Ten,
We're going down in history once again.

Move number two from Bldg. T5
Has got us in a dither, but we will SURVIVE!

Paper and boxes everywhere,
Oh my heavens what a scare!

In every room and cubbies too,
Big boxes, little boxes, we're far from through!

Pens and pencils, files and phones,
Don't have to listen hard to hear all the groans,

Four years of collecting and storing our stuff,
For some of us here, it's going to be tough!

But we'll get it together so we can start anew,
In Bldg. 4 we'll be making our newest debut.

Once we are there with our wits about us,
The Salt Lake VA will wonder what was the fuss.

Thank you Paula & the Engineering crew,
And everybody else that helped get our move approved!