Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Poem by Diana - Her First!

by Diana C. Sprankle

Outdoors, outdoors
It is a nice day outdoors.

The flowers are blooming
The bees are buzzing.

Outdoors, outdoors
It is a nice day to play outdoors.

Diana came over to Grammy's house tonight and I was showing her some things on my blog. She proceded to tell me that in her reading group the other day they were reading a story about a young boy who was trying to write a poem. He kept trying and trying but ended up crumpling up several pieces of paper in to balls and throwing them in the garbage can. He decided to go do his math and spelling homework. Then he decided to try and write his poem again after dinner. Afterwards, his sister came to his room and asked him if he needed help with his homework and he told her he was already finished with it. Then he said he needed to finish writing his poem. His sister then asked what he wanted it to be about. He responded by telling her that was the problem. He couldn't decide. After a while and with some help from his sister, he was able to finish it. When Diana's class finished reading the story on the second day, one of the other kids asked if they could write a poem. The teacher said "no, not today", however the next day she said "yes". After thinking about it, Diana decided she wanted to write her poem about the outdoors. This is what she came up with. She did pretty good for it being her first, don't you think? Good job Diana!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Ornamental Cherry Tree

In full blossom,....
but it is quickly loosing the flowers. I have a feeling when the wind starts blowing tomorrow, they soon will be gone. Dave is proud of his tree tho'! He has mowed the lawn and done some trimming, but we have decided we need to get creative and think of something different where the ground cover is between the garage and front door step. We pulled out a dead Chinese Elm (plum colored leaves) last year, but there are some seedling trees growing there that also need to come out. I think these babies are from the BIG trees across Main Street. Weather permitting, we'll be trimming the bushes in front of the living room window soon. I don't know the name of them, but they are green all year. The last few days here in Utah have been absolutely wonderful!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She's a WiNnEr ! ! !

Back in March, Diana's 4th grade class had a science project to do. Aunt Ashley helped her decide what she was going to do after thinking of different possibilities. As you can see from the picture (I wished the whole board was visible, but it wasn't) the subject was "Blowing Bubbles" and at which temperature did the bubbles last the longest. They had a 'purpose', 'hyposthesis' and 'conclusion'. I helped with a few of the experiments and the financing and of course, Grammy (me) got stuck blowing the bubbles that were heated. My nose could feel the warmth of the hot bubbles, believe me! The solution was straight out of the microwave. After the numerous experiments, Diana concluded that although the hot bubbles were easier to blow (the solution was in three different bowls, and we were blowing bubbles through a straw), they popped more quickly. The room temperature bubbles were in between, but it was the cold bubbles that lasted the longest. It all came down to Diana winning 2nd place for her project. Pictured on her board is the red ribbon she won. She and Ashley had a lot of fun taking pictures of Diana blowing the bubbles and putting the board together, and we all had a good time doing the experiments. Ashley spent a lot of her time with Diana, and thanks to her, Diana learned something from doing the project. We were very proud of her because she had to present her project to the judges and explain the whole sha-bang to them. Contratulations Diana (and Aunt Ashley) for your accomplishment!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In Memory of My Dad, Clyde - 8/7/1928 - 4/15/2007

Thanks for all the memories Dad! You are in my heart forever! Love you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Candy Easter Grass ?

Just wanted to know if anyone besides Ashley and I noticed the edible Easter Basket Grass out in the stores? We were curious, so we bought some for Diana's Easter bucket. There were 3 flavors that we noticed - orange, strawberry and blueberry. We got the later 2. Pink and Blue!
Of course we had to see what it was like so we opened the package to try the strawberry. Not alot of flavor!, but we did put it in the bucket. Decided not to put the blue in there with the pink, but tasted it. Same reaction. It felt like shredded paper. I guess if you shoved it in your mouth with a handful of the hard shelled candy Easter eggs (Whitey), it might be just o.k. Anyway, Diana liked it and ate some of it. Kidz! They'll eat anything that has to do with candy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009



Diana squinting with the sun in her eyes after a 3 dozen Easter Egg hunt today. She didn't want the hunt to end,....if you can imagine. What a fun time we had watching her and taking her pictures. If I could ever figure out how to do a slide show, I would put all of them of her on it. Oh well,....maybe someday. Her Dad was sick and her mom wasn't feeling well so we just had Diana, Ashley, Joey and Grandma Spencer over for dinner. Dinner at my house is always, to say the least, chaotic but the food was good.

Monday, April 6, 2009


There are so many memories about growing up in our little home that use to be where Mom's is now. In fact, I just can't get all my thoughts in to one document because I remember so much about living there. This is my poem:

Childhood Memories of
Our Little Home
By: Janette - April 2009
Our little home was as quaint as could be,
With flowers planted ‘round it along with some trees.
It was built by our Grandpa and our Dad helped too,
A place for us to live with the mountains to view.
Even though our home was little inside,
When we played we’d always find places to hide.
Our little home is where we would play, eat and sleep,
Naturally, love and laughter is what we would reap.
We were assigned our own little bit of chores,
But once they were done it was time to explore.
Our little home was on the ridge of the hollow,
Down the hill I would go with someone who’d follow.
There were four of us girls in our little home,
Even though there were flaws it was still our own.
Our little home is where we were raised for awhile,
Even through hard times there were still lots of smiles.
Our little home is where we would feel safe and sound,
It’s where we would come when we were homeward bound.
Later on down the road an upgrade was in need,
Mom and Dad told us all and that they had agreed.
To a new bigger home is where we went,
The day of that move was a BIG event.
Of our little home where us girls got our start,
Will always be memories stored in the bottom of my heart.

Friday, April 3, 2009


My Reasons For The
Season of Spring

One of the first signs of Spring is the celebration of Easter and the resurrection of Christ. Also all the beautiful decorated baskets with an array of colored eggs in them after the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Spring is the time of year when I get anxious to see the beautiful flowers in the gardens and along the sidewalks and river banks with all their blooms of color.

Spring is the time we start seeing the fruit trees and bushes burst out in beautiful blossoms.

I love it when the grass gets green in the Spring and one of my favorite smells comes after it is mown.

I love windsocks with beautiful Spring time designs on them and blowing in the wind to and fro’.

And what would Spring be without the pretty ladybugs whether they are real or made out of rocks.

I love all the beautiful birds when they appear in the Spring. I get such a sense of peace when I hear their sweet songs.

And last but not least, Spring is the time of every year that I pull my thoughts and memories together and think of my dear sweet Dad who left us on a beautiful Sunday morning, April 15, 2007,….. when he walked towards his Heavenly Father and his eternal home where it will forever be Spring.

These are some of my reasons
for the season of Spring