Monday, December 31, 2012


New Years Eve 2013
“How Lucky Am I”

By:  Janette Spencer Sprankle

On this New Year’s Eve
As I’m sitting in my house,
I think about the past year
And all I’ve shared with my spouse,
And I think,… lucky am I.

Of course I have thought
What the New Year might bring,
Maybe some happiness and joy
When the bells at midnight ring,
And I think,… lucky am I.

Sometimes I feel cold
As the furnace kicks on,
And as the fire in the stove is glowing
I start to feel comfy and warm,
And I think,… lucky am I.

I have food in the fridge
I have clothes on my back
A roof over head
With a bed to lay down for a nap,
And I think,… lucky am I.

 I know where my kids are
They are safe and sound,
Other folks don’t know
Where theirs can be found,
And I think,… lucky am I.

I woke up this morning
With more health than not,
I feel abundantly blessed
Because there are those who did not,
And I think,… lucky am I.

There is so much I’ve never
had to endure,
Like danger and battle
And all that’s unsure,
And I think,… lucky am I.

And so now with my heart
As it overflows with love and concern,
Are wishes for those in need
For blessings like warmth, love, homes and all that they yearn,
Because I think it’s their turn to say,……how lucky am I.

My prayer is for all Americans to spread love, affection and warmth around them and make it a point to SMILE!  Go out of your way to help those in need.  They may have nothing, but we have everything!  We have so much to be thankful for.  We need to appreciate what we do have and strive to make our country stronger and an even better place for our children and for our children to raise their children and grandchildren.  They are the future!

Happy New Year to all, from my home to yours!
Love to all,



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Time - 2012

It’s Christmas Time In My Little Town
December 2012
By:  Janette Spencer Sprankle
It’s Christmas time in my little town,
We now have a little snow on the ground.
All the colored lights and décor are on display,
And soon it will be time for Santa and his sleigh.
From the center of town to the south and the north,
To the east and west, it’s all coming forth.
The Christmas Star on the mountain with its white lights,
Reminds us of Jesus and his birth Christmas night.
The town clock when it chimes has an angelic sound,
Especially at Christmas when home folks are around.
The love that I’ve felt from when I was young,
And the Christmas carols of my youth and all that I’ve sung.
My little town seems to have a special touch,
It welcomes all back because they love it that much.
There isn’t many towns that are quite like mine
Especially right now at Christmas time.
The holiday season is a favorite for sure,
There is so much I feel right down to my core.
I know my town has been blessed in deed,
Living here provides all my wants and my needs.
So many memories I hold in my heart,
All my family and friends played a very big part.
During this “Season of Love” come wishes from me and my crew,
A Christmas that’s Merry and a Happy New Year to you!