Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom,....Isn't She Beautiful!

Nadine Fry Spencer
February 23, 1931

The day got away from me really quick! After getting off the van in Farmington, I ran over to Layton to pick something up for a certain 'someone' and headed over to my Mom's house. My sister, Clydene pulled a dinner together for those of us that could be there to help celebrate Mom's 81st Birthday. I was trying to come up with a post for the blog, but ran out of time tonight. The picture above was taken back in January of 1994. I love this picture of her. Anyway, I thought I would re-post the poem I wrote last year for her 80th and added one more year. Everything written in the poem still holds true. So Happy Birthday Mom! Us four girls couldn't have asked for a better one! Love you so much!

You'd Never Know It,....But She's Eighty + One
By: Janette Spencer Sprankle

It isn't very often
and all would agree,
You'd see an eight-one year old woman
with her original knees.

The sparkle in her eyes
is where it's always been,
We won't cnt the transplant
in her eyes of the lens.

The hips are truly hers
they haven't been replaced,
No tightening anywhere,
not even in her face.

Now her boobs are her own
nothing fake we all know,
She's even got her original
'Fry' mouth, ears and nose!

She's had some cleaning out
of the spine within her back,
There's been a fix on her arm
although all is intact.

The only part that's not
in their original form,
Are her upper & lowers
with which she was born.

Her smile has always been
the one we adore,
It Radiates true beauty
and goes right to the core.

So Mom keep on smiling
you are awesome as can be,
We all love you dearly
and please don't forget,....

Take care of them knees!