Monday, July 30, 2012

A Heavenly Birthday Celebration Is In Store

I wanted to do something in honor of what would be my Dad's 84th birthday on the 7th of August.  I was looking through some pictures and saw this one that Nathan had put the boarder around in a photo program.  I also started thinking about dad and mom's dog Kelpie that mom gave to one of the great grandsons and who had been given the first name of Spencer.  He is the son of Kadie and Mike the live up in Montana.  Kelpie truly loved it up on the ranch and became a good friend to all the Briggs kids, especially Spencer.

Kelpie, the Black Beauty
By: Janette Spencer Sprankle
Written:  August 2012

She was his black beauty
My Dad loved her so,
She would follow him always
Where ever he’d go.

She was his dog, his companion
He had many before,
But she was his last
Before he entered Heavens door.

When she was still with Mom
She was sweet as could be,
She was loved by us all
But Spencer needed a buddy.

It wasn’t long after Dad left
When Kelpie went to her new home,
On a ranch in Montana
With a lot of room to roam.

She would run and she’d romp
And catch lots of rocks,
She would play with the kids
Whom she loved a lot!

Kadie said she was the ‘queen’ dog
They all definitely agreed,
For there were other dogs on the ranch
Who had to concede.

She loved being with the Briggs
Where she played all day,
When on August 6th she decided
She needed to be on her way.

She ran her last run and caught her last rock
And while looking towards the sky,......
She saw ‘Rainbow Bridge’ in the distance
It was time to say ‘goodbye’.

It had been a beautiful day in Montana
The day before Dad’s birthday in 2008,
When Kelpie decided it was time,…..
She couldn’t have picked a more perfect date.

It was to be Dad’s 80th birthday
Can you imagine his surprise,
In Heaven at the bridge where they met
With a smile and sparkles in his eyes.

He would have been 84 years old
On August 7, 2012