Monday, August 18, 2008


The last night Dave and I was in Colorado this past week, we were invited to stay the night with some friends we new when we lived out at Dugway Proving Grounds. George was the Physician out there and Melissa and I were pregnant together,….her with Adam and I with Ashley. Actually I think she was due after me but it didn’t turn out that way. Adam was premature so he was about 2 weeks older than Ashley. We moved in to our government quarters first and lived there just a short time before the Philbins moved in to their quarters the next building over from us. The only thing that separated their place from ours was a patch of grass and maybe a tree. I remember the day they moved in. We were excited to get neighbors that were going to be there as long as we were going to be. Dave was outside doing yard work I believe when George was either just getting home from somewhere or trying to leave to go. Not sure which. Dave introduced himself and then they started a conversation. We found out he and Melissa had a toddler about a year and a half old, Veda Katherin. I can’t remember how long it was before I actually met Melissa and Veda, but when I did we became good friends. When I saw Veda for the first time, I immediately fell in love with her. I believe that God picked Melissa and George to be parents of Veda because he knew they would love her and give her a place in their hearts. Melissa said she was a very happy baby and had a lot of love to share with others. Veda was born in Aurora, CO on March 28, 1981. Her family moved to Dugway Proving Grounds a short time later. Hence, our friendship began. Melissa and I got together weekly with other officer’s wives for a craft session. We were always learning and making things together. One of the other wives taught us all how to tatt. I had a very hard time with it, and can’t remember if Melissa was successful at it or not, but we had fun trying. The officer’s wives group gave Melissa and I a baby shower together. It was a lot of fun. Not too long after the shower, Melissa went in to premature labor. That baby wasn’t going to wait at all for his due date. George brought Veda over to me to take care of when they left for the hospital in Salt Lake City. Adam was almost a Halloween baby but just a few minutes shy of it. So therefore, I got Veda and we were so happy to have her. The boys enjoyed having a little one to play with when they got home from school. I'm introducing my young friend to you all because she is a special young lady and I also hold a special place in my heart for her. After we moved to Kaysville, I got to watch her again while Melissa and George went to Denver for a conference. It was so much fun having her with us. Ashley was a baby at the time and it was amazing to watch the two of them together. Some of Veda’s favorite movies are, "Batman", "Bringing Down The House", and "Dirty Dancing", to name a few. She is in a program called Devleopmental Pathways near their home and gets to go on special activities and really enjoys swimming and bowling. She also enjoys going to the park. She loves doing the “Meals on Wheels” for the elderly and does volunteer work for a goodwill organization called ARC. She also volunteers for Compa Foods where she sorts bread and can goods. Veda loves sitting out on the deck in the sun. She is a proud gardener and has a tomato plant out there on the back deck of their home with 6 tomatoes growing on it. (She’s a young lady after my own heart because I love tomatoes too!) Also she is growing cat nip for her cat “Mr. Meow” who goes crazy. She with her mom loves watching him have fun with it! Veda starts her day by waking up at 7 a.m. and gets ready and waits for the bus to come and pick her up between 8 and 9:30 a.m. She goes to program and keeps very busy. The folks at Developmental Pathways says Veda is the “leader of the band” and she is definitely the one in charge! It has been an honor knowing this family. It’s always fun to get together with George and Melissa, and we have promised ourselves to do it more often. Veda is an inspiration to me. Through her eyes she sees only the good in people. She loves unconditionally and she has so much love to give to others. I have learned a lot through Veda and truly know she is definitely one of God’s angels on earth. I love you Veda! Janette

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  1. What a lovely young lady with so much to offer! You're a sweetheart to take people and places into your heart, and I know she must love you just as much.