Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's Time For Halloween
By: Janette
Oh my goodness, it's time for Halloween!
I've seen so many witches with faces of green.

There's lots of pumpkins on the ground,
That's big and orange and very round.

And all kinds of ghosts that's oh so scarry,
They send chills up my spine & makes me wary.

Here on your desk there's a surprise for you,'s not a pot of witches brew!
It's a pumpkin that's filled all the way to the top,
In it there's eyes like Mr. Cyclops!

There could be a little clapper toy,
It may be annoying or it could bring you joy.
There's at least one gory body part,
Could be a finger, ear, teeth or somebody's heart.

What would it be without our Tootsie Rolls,
Or some candy corn that'll sooth our souls!

Oh goody, a little chocolate bar,
Would of been more room in a big glass jar!

Look there's a cute Halloween gunball,
Whatever is in your pumpkin, you'll enjoy it all!

If you look really hard you will see
A face on your pumpkin and happy is he!
Don't be surprised if I sneak up and say BOO!
Cuz' it's that time of year to scare the HECK out of you!
Here is a picture of the pumpkin filled with treats and the poem on two sides of the paper I wrote to go with the pumpkin.

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