Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All That's Left On This Tree

Eight Little Fall Leaves
By Janette Sprankle
November 2010
Eight little Fall leaves left hanging on the tree,
They better fall off cuz’ they’re gonna’ freeze.

Back in the Spring they budded out green,
And now that it’s Fall their tree is looking lean.

The colors they've turned since it's gotten cold,
Were a pretty red, orange, and now a yellow gold.
All the other leaves have fallen to the ground,
These eight are all that's left but will soon join the mound.
The wind will catch them I am pretty sure,
It will whirl and twirl them before hitting earth’s floor.
Once they are down they'll carpet the ground,
The kids will trample thru’ them to make a crunchy sound.
Someone will rake them and put them in a pile,
The Eight Little Fall leaves will only sit for a while.
For soon all the leaves will be bundled up tight,
In a bag they'll be together during the cold winter nights.
Leaves from the same tree already on the ground


  1. You need to publish your writings. That is how John Greenleaf Whittier started out.

  2. What a great poem. Alex wishes we had some leaves falling off of our trees. He really wants to jump in a pile of leaves. Maybe in another month or so. :)