Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are we ready for it to be gone?

I was laying in the bed this morning while Dave was up getting ready for the day and thinking about how chilly it was in the bedroom. We have been keeping our bedroom door open to the outside during the evening because it has been warmer upstairs from the afternoon heat. We have not run the air conditioning as much the last couple of weeks. SO,....I asked myself this question, 'Where did Summer go?' With the chill in the air is what prompted the question.
 Where Did Summer Go?
By: Janette Sprankle

We waited and waited
for oh so long,
To go barefoot out
on the green, green lawn.

We waited for the flowers
to bloom in colors so bright,
And longed for the days of
blue skies and sunlight.

We didn’t even mind
all the heat of the sun,
Because all we wanted
was the Summertime fun.

It felt good in the evening
out back on the deck,
Of all the things we should be doing
we decided, what the heck!

Again the Summer season
has passed once more,
It is time for us to see
what Fall has in store.


  1. I think we all are asking the same question it went by way to fast!

  2. Each year seems to evaporate more swiftly than the previous. How can that be? Guess I had better make greater use of each day before I am left with nothing.