Monday, June 23, 2008

He's One of a Kind

I forgot to mention that we have two dogs that is very much a part of our family. We have Tucker who is a Lab and English Pointer mix and our Beagle dog, Saidie. Back in the summer of 2004 I wrote this poem about Tucker. He loves playing ball. Actually, he’ll play ball as long as somebody will keep throwing it for him. Any way, here is the poem.

He’s One Of A Kind
By Janette Sprankle - 7/2004
(Dedicated to our sweet Tucker dog)

Black and white, black and white
He hates to let us out of his site.
He loves going to the big dog park,
The sooner he gets there, the sooner he starts.
Running and romping and catching his ball
He's in the water pond and out at our beacon call.
To quit playing ball?.... it’s totally unheard of,
He hates to stop for playing ball is his love.
A sweeter dog you would never find,
He’s so full of LOVE, he’s one of a kind.

Tucker is the black faced dog coming up out of the water with his ball. You can see the back end of Saidie in the bottom left hand corner of the picture watching Tucker. I haven’t created a poem or even a story about sweet Saidie, but the day will come when I feel inspired. You can’t really call us “empty nesters” because of the dogs. They are like kids, only not as hard to manage.

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  1. Hmmm! What kind words can I say about dogs? Stinky, hairy, pesky...oh, that applies to husbands, too! J/K
    I know you love your pets!