Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Looks like fun in the Giant Colon!!

Dave is down in Vernal until Friday. He is down there with his job on some assignments. I guess he decided to do a little emailing and sent this picture to me. Him and one of the young men that he works with at ATF went to the Giant Colon display they had down at the Gateway Mall. (He looked like he was having fun, huh?) Double click on the picture to enlarge it. His favorite thing he brought home with him that day was "Eneman". It was a foam toy of an enema bottle. My grand daughter Diana went down there for a class trip and I guess she brought one home also. She thought "Eneman" was a glue bottle. Really had no idea what her grandpa was showing her. When she found out, all she could say was, "Grandpa, that is gross"! But all kidding aside, the display was very educational. Colon cancer is a serious thing and I thought they did a good job in educating people about the disease.


  1. EWWW! That IS GROSS! I thought I would try to get down and look at this, but maybe I'm close enough to my own...
    Thanks Dave for a graphic!

  2. what did the pollyups feel like??