Monday, July 14, 2008

More Stuff from Nettie

Greetings! Well, it looks like it had been a couple of weeks since my last blog so I just posted more pictures from the Boston trip that I said I was going to do since I was having a hard time with the camera card on Ashley's computer. She had just moved from the condo the hospital provided for her for the month of June to the leased home her and Joey will be living in. All she has down there right now is the bed that is in the guest bedroom and a love seat she got delivered from RC Willey’s in Las Vegas that matches her couch she will be moving down next weekend. She has her computer and a smaller television to keep her occupied when she is not at work or sleeping. The house is in a little community type setting that is sort of like living in a condo. Every Thursday they have a team of grounds keepers that come in and mow the lawns and there is a swimming pool right across the street to the side of the house. She has been making regular trips home since starting work down there to pack a few things up to get ready for the big move. It’s kind of sad because I don’t know how often they will get to come home once Joey is down there and starts working. He graduates as a Pharmacy Tech next Friday night, and is hoping to get a job in that field when he gets down there. In the mean time he is working at a Chevron down in the Magna area and will be transferring to one of the Chevron’s down in St. George. We hope for the best for him. He’s got a few irons in the fire and will be putting more resume’s out there when he get’s down south.
We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Chris, Laura and Diana came over along with Ashley and Joey. Dave’s sister, his mother and Pamela (she is Nathan’s “soon to be” we hope). Nathan had to work, so it didn't stop the rest us from having fun. We had a bar-b-q here at the house and then watched the fireworks put on over at Davis High from our front yard. Earlier that day we had gone up to Logan for the car show they have up there every year. Loved some of the cars,....even picked out some favorites. Here's one of them, a 1951 Ford. Other than that, its been work work work for both. Dave had a jaunt up to Montana all last week with his job at ATF. He had seven assignments around the Great Falls area and Billings with places in between. On Friday night Nathan booked me on a flight to Billings because Dave felt more comfortable with me driving home with him. I was to keep him alert. He did ok going up because he broke the trip up by stopping in Lima, MT for a visit with Steve. We came home a different way. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Livingston, MT which is the town you go through to go in to the North gate of Yellowstone. Pictured to the left is the arch that leads in to the entrance of the park. President Theodore Rosevelt was responsible for getting the arch up and dedicated. We stopped at Ft. Yellowstone which use to be an Army post. Back in 1912, President Taft made a recommendation that the National Parks service be formed. In August of 1916 the National Park Service Act was signed, then in 1918 the National Parks assumed full administrative responsibilities. Fort Yellowstone was transferred to the new civilian agency. The soldiers of Fort Yellowstone were relieved of their military status and became the first park rangers with the National Parks Service. I am attaching the photo of the soldiers in this blog. It was quite interesting. Also is a picture of the two of us on the steps of the Yellowstone National Park Post Post Office. When leaving there we drove down to Mammoth Hot Springs. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Mammoth has done and dried up, atleast for what you can see from the road. There is a trail still that does go up to some hot springs, which we didn’t do because of time, but if I remember correctly from seeing the area in August of 1969 (our honeymoon) there was all kinds of colors and sulfur water running down the face of Mammoth. I’m going to have to get our pictures out so I know for sure that I know what I am talking about. After leaving there we drove down to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We saw just about every kind of wildlife there is to see in Yellowstone. We saw three bears total, the one here is to the right of the pine tree in the middle. Also a big beautiful magnificent six point elk. We saw Moose, a cow Elk with baby and Buffalo and Antelope. We stopped shortly to see the upper falls and then headed down the road and decided to go right (Whitey, case you don't know, that is "my" direction when sitting in the passenger seat of your vehicle) instead of left ("your" direction) to go up to see Old Faithful. We stayed there to see the eruption then started heading down to the south gate and in to Jackson. It’s always wonderful to see the Grand Tetons and also the “Sleeping Indian” mountain to the left of the Jackson Airport. Didn’t get a picture of that this trip however. We stopped in Jackson for about an hour then headed down to Alpine Junction where we stayed the night. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Alpine Junction, but one of the old hotels there is of German architect. This is me in front of it this morning as we were getting ready to leave for home. It was a lot of fun! We enjoyed the beautiful scenery all the way from Billings to Livingston, through the park til' we pulled in to our driveway here at home. It was wonderful to not have to go in to the office this weekend.


  1. I love reading your blog! Besides being able to visit the country thru your photos {and no one goes more than you and hubby}, I also get a history lesson...Thanks!

  2. OOOH you make me want to go on a rode trip so bad! Besides to Kaysville, but that's about all I can afford with gas prices.