Monday, September 1, 2008


I can’t remember ever a time in my life that I ever had a dog that was actually put on an appetite supressant! EVER! Ashley is up for a few days and took her kitten to our vet on Friday to be spayed. Dave gave her permission to take Sadie, our Beagle over for her overdue and much needed shots and dog license. Well the vet told Sadie she was at least 11.5 pounds over weight. In fact, she weighs 1.5 pounds more than Ashley’s part lab dog, Ayce. Dave gave his consent to the vet to let her try this medicine called "Slentrol" for dogs. It’s suppose to help her not want to eat so much. It’s serious stuff with her. She snorts like a pig when she is eating, ..... and poor Tucker! If he doesn’t eat his food fast enough, she is in his bowl too! We have to supervise them eating or she’ll eat out of both bowls. Even when Tucker does eat, she has to lick every bit of any kind of a taste left, and she doesn’t stop when you would think she should. We are going to give it a try I guess. It’s not very expensive, so if it helps our little darlin’ shed a few pounds and get healthy, then I guess it will be worth it. Of course she'll have to exercise too! PS: Keep in mind this decision was made before I even got home on Friday from work!

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  1. Will Ashley take me over so I can get some 'Slentrol' I have a few to pounds to shed??