Sunday, September 21, 2008

We're going to Grand Junction!,..We're back from Grand Junction!

Well, ...Cheryl, Clydene, Mom and I made our way to Grand Junction to see our Aunt Florene. She was married to our Dad's brother Ralph Spencer for many years until he passed away quite a long time ago. Going to see her was something Mom has been wanting to do for a while, so we just did it!
Dave was going to work out at the airport at Avis so I had him drop me off at my office to work a while and finish up a few things since I wasn't going to be there until Wednesday. Later on in the morning Saturday the other three came by and picked me up.,,,, And so the journey begins. There was beautiful scenery to see in Spanish Fork Canyon. The colors were yellow, green and orange. (There is this little cemetary up the canyon a little ways that we thought we would stop at on the way back home today, but we didn't see it in time. Besides, I think we were a little anxious to get back to our homes. Clydene said Dave and I should stop and see it since he and I are going to Moab Monday morning. He has an assignment on Tuesday in Montecillo, so maybe we will since he really really likes the cemetaries}. When we went through Price Utah we got a little bit (or a lot) off course. Didn't know where we went wrong at the time, but we think we just circled back around Price and came back up from where we originally were. Anyway, we got it all figured out and got on our way again. Once we got to Grand Junction we got settled in our room. We stayed at the Hampton on Main Street. (It was the cutest street with some of the most unique sculptures, etc. I am sure Clydene will share some of the pictures she took this morning while everybody else was getting ready to leave again). Saturday afternoon we made our way over to Clifton, CO where Aunt Florene lives, about 10 more miles up I-70. Marilynn is staying with her Mom right now so we were excited to be able to visit with her also. They had dinner fixed for us when we got there, so we sat down and ate and visited. When dinner was over we visited some more. It was just really neat to be able to see them both. Marilynn gave us directions to get back to Main Street a different way, and once again we went exploring for just a short time before we FOUND our way back to the hotel. This morning they came over to the hotel and stayed for a little bit and said our goodbyes. We then were on our way back home. We left the hotel around 11:30 a.m. and stopped for gas. We actually were headed out to the interstate at about ten til' twelve. We stopped in Green River, UT for a bite to eat and to pick up one of the famous Green River watermelons. Can't wait to try it! I remember quite a few Labor Day weekends when Uncle Ralph, Aunt Florene and the kids would come to Utah from Denver to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Spencer and all those of us who lived here. They would leve Denver after work on Friday night and pull in to Kaysville around 2 or 3 the next morning, it seemed. I was spending the night over at my grandparents one night when they came in. I was sleeping in a roll-a-way bed in the dining room when I heard them knocking at the back door. I'm sure there were many trips like that when they were happy to arrive and be off the road. All in all it was a quick, but very good trip. Hopefully Florene and Marilynn will get here to Utah soon and we'll be able to see them again. Now I am unpacking my little bag to pack it again with fresh clothes for another 2 day trip. Dave and I hope to see one of the parks before coming home on Tuesday.


  1. I blinked and we were home! It was fun to see Aunt Florene and Marilynn, what a crazy town to drive in, to many one way streets and who names streets 32 1/4?? I never was any good at fractions,

  2. Sounds like you gals were 'founding' your way the whole trip. Times like those can be the most fun and the most spontaneous. Just hangin' with the Mom and all the sisters is magic.

  3. Sounds like a good time you all had. I can't wait to see some of the pictures clydene took there.