Sunday, January 18, 2009


Part of the month of November and the whole month of December and first few days of January we were certainly busy. Some of you know that our daughter, Ashley and her husband Joe have moved back up hear from St. George after seven months down there. They found out rather quickly after about four months that they just couldn’t afford the expense of living down there. So, some time in November it had been decided they were coming back home and by the 4th of January, Joe’s Dad had got them all moved up here. Joe’s mother and myself had made some trips down there ourselves and helped with the packing and cleaning, but the men did all of the heavy stuff. One of my 3 day weekends started out by me picking Vicky up after Steve had already left with his truck and brother’s big huge trailer. Her and I got down there around 9 p.m. after Ash had already been to work for a few hours. Saturday morning we all headed out with a trailer full of household items and us three women with the dog Ayce and puppy Belle (yes,…..I’m sure Ashley will tell you all about her). I was driving Ashley’s car because she had worked all night and needed to sleep. Steve and Joey with a little help from Dave got stuff unloaded in to the garage where the kids are living. After dropping Vicky off at her home in West Valley we went up to Joe and Ashley‘s and supervised the guys then we all went home and got some sleep to leave again for St. George on Sunday morning. This time, Vicky didn’t go so it was Joe, Ash, Steve and I driving down in Steve’s truck again with trailer in tow. Since my car was left down there, Ash and I left Monday morning in it following Joe and Steve. She got her car and left to go back to St. George a couple days later because she was still working. That was one busy weekend! The last time I went down was Friday the 2nd. Once again I picked Vicky up after I got off work and made it safely down with the Suzuki Sidekick and our little utility trailer. We got down there around 10 o’clock that night just in time to see the Ute’s getting their trophy. Vick and I listened to the game on the road but there were areas that I didn’t get very good reception! It was GREAT the Ute’s pulled the win off! I guess they showed Alabama! Once again us girls helped pack up the rest of the stuff and stayed a little longer than the two guys to clean and make sure the house was in tip top shape. We had to stop in Cedar City and get more bungey cords. Was it ever cold! I’m talking Wyoming COLD ! Because we weren’t able to load every thing in the vehicles (3 cars, 1 truck, a little trailer and a huge trailer) Joe and his Dad went back down Sunday morning to get what us girls put out in the garage before we left. Keep in mind that between all this moving and the trips that were made back and forth, there were the holidays. Anyway, they are officially up here. Joe is working at the Park City Walmart Pharmacy and some hours at the Layton Neighborhood Walmart Pharmacy. Ashley is still in the process of looking for a job. Now that she is up here, there are a few places that she can work, however the job she really wants is one at Primary Children’s. It’s like an residency and is told there are quite a few canditates. She is going for the interview, so we are really hoping she get’s it. She would be working in the neo-natal (babies) section and other areas. Keep your fingers crossed for her! I didn't get very many pictures on Christmas, but here is one of Diana in her new coat. We had a pretty good Christmas and hope that all of you did. AND here’s looking at a GREAT New Year with a toast of sparkling apple cider!

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  1. No wonder we haven't seen a blog from you and Ashley - altho I knew you were busy with the move. Glad to hear that they are settled in and have something in the mill for jobs. The pix of Diana in her red coat is darling - she has such an amazing smile!