Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Friends and to every member of my family. We have truly been blessed. I am THANKFUL for not only the bare essentials in my life and all that I have, but for God and his love. We live in a great nation and I am thankful for those every day that has made the sacrifices they do to keep us free. To those that are traveling, please travel safe. Love to each and every one of you! Now go get some Turkey!
What They Mean To Me
By: Janette – November 2010

‘T’ is for THANKING all my friends and loved ones so dear,
For it is most definitely that special time of the year.

‘H’ is for the HARVEST and the bounty it holds,
And the season’s colors I love from the reds to the golds.

‘A’ is for ALWAYS loving one another,
As Jesus has loved us, what a loving brother.

‘N’ is for NEVER doubting our God up above,
He’s always there with his unconditional love.

‘K’ is for KNOWLEDGE God has instilled in our brain,
To use what we’ve learned, I’m sure it won’t be in vain.

‘S’ is for the SUNSHINE we are always so blessed,
Even on grey days we should ‘shine’ and do our best.

‘G’ is for GIVING to those who are in need,
It doesn’t hurt us one bit to do a few good deeds.

‘I’ is for IMAGINE and having something to create,
Look what God did and it turned out great!

‘V’ is for VISION to see what is true,
To be balanced and square in all that we do.

“I” is for INDIVIDUAL and being distinct,
For we are humans and should go with all our instincts.

‘N’ is for NEW experiences we should participate in,
Do it with friends and all of our kin.

“G’ is for GRATITUDE, a way to express,
To God for that which we have been truly blessed.


  1. Wonderful words and sweet sentiments - HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2 the SPRANKLES!

  2. You nailed it. Your poem is the best expression of Thanksgiving that I have yet to see. Next year I am sure that I will see another great one from you. You are so gifted.