Friday, September 30, 2011

Our Sweet Dog

Saidee, Lucky Lady
a.k.a,  Saidee Girl
12/2002 – 9/2011
8 Years 9 Months
By: Janette Sprankle

The day we went to pick you up,
We knew we’d find a cute little pup.

The first part of February when it was very cold,
You were still a ball of black, white and gold.

You were so cute and tiny too,
At one glance we fell in love with you!

It was Ash and I, a mission we had,
For loosing “Shadow” had made us all so sad.

For you Saidee, we couldn’t do without,
Both of us were excited, there was no doubt.

On the drive back home, we hadn’t got very far,
For a name we had chosen while still in the car.

It just had to be ‘Saidee’, it fit you just right
The middle name would come by the end of the night.

We thought and we thought, it just had to be,
The best fit for our cute little Saidee, was Lucky Lady.

It’s for sure Tucker wasn’t very happy at first,
But soon he found it could have been a lot worse.

He grew to love you and take care of his ‘Sis’
You can be sure it is you, he and we will forever miss.

We know you’ll be waiting at ‘Rainbow Bridge’,
You’ll be running and romping when we come over the ridge.

Love and miss you Saidee Girl ! ! !


  1. There is much sorrow in losing a member of your family. I am so sorry and I know that you will sorely miss your sweet Sadie.

  2. That's so sad. I'm sorry about your loss. We know very well how that feels!!!

  3. Thank you Whitey for making this picture of Saidee so special.