Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What A Beautiful Place For A Wedding!

Well,.....a few family members beat me to a post about Cali and Justin's wedding so I am just going reiterate how beautiful she was as a bride and how handsome Justin was. Can hardly believe she is a married woman! Them and their families did such a wonderful job preparing for the big day. Clydene showed some of the beautiful scenery around the park where the wedding was and I know both her and Kacey has pictures of the whole wedding party plus! What a way to spend the day up there in "Big Sky" country.
You all read the story about the blow-out and the fact we were all getting a little nervous at the time it took the two very nice guys who stopped to help to figure out how to get the spare down and the jack in working order not to mention changing the tire. But we made it up there just in time to pick up our beautiful bride and get her to Dillon and the hotel so Kacy could do her hair.
This was Hadley's "FIRST" trip out of state. I was going to try and get pictures of the "Idaho" and "Montana" welcome signs for her, but I couldn't get my camera out of the bag fast enough. So here is a few pictures of my own. The first one is of Haddie and Kacy in the car on the way "up" and the second one is of the both of them on the way "back". Do you see any resemblance at all?
And in case you were wondering, Clydene really did find a pretty rock, and a little skull of some sorts while we were out on the side of the road. I didn't get a picture of them, but I was put in charge of the rock. Thanks Whitey for that priviledge and hopefully you found it under the front seat where I thought it might be. I too found an interesting rock in the park at the wedding. I looked down and saw it with some initials on it. I picked it up and turned it over and it appeared to be a fossilized leaf on the other side. OR it could be someones artistic ability done in pencil. Who knows, ..... I kept it though.
Also here is a picture of the two very nice guys who "WOULD NOT TAKE ANY KIND OF PAY" for helping us. The first gentleman that stopped said, in so many words, "I stop to help someone out who needs it because that is what the Lord would do. So next time you see somebody needing help, help them" I thought that was sweet.
It was a very good day, a good night in the motel (Mom told Clydene there was no snoring going on in our room for all those that said I snore), and a good trip back other than Kacey didn't feel very well.
Goodnight all and congratulations again to Cali and Justin!


  1. Now that you let the cat out of the bag I hope the rock police wont will be looking for us now that you told everyone that we took some souvenirs!!

  2. I heard it was quite a trip. It's a good thing we weren't able to go up in the long run. I was horribly sick saturday and sunday and would have been an aweful traveling companion. I LOVE the pictures of kacy and haddie sleeping.

  3. Great posterior shot of the good Samaritans. And I must say that Kacy is stunningly beautiful so we know what Haddie will look like when she grows up....lucky girl.

    Aren't family trips fun and full of exciting adventures. Glad yours ended sweetly.