Monday, March 2, 2009

Mom's 78th Birthday Party

Second post for the night. I'm doin' good,....and it's only 11:40 p.m. I guess it's a good thing I got these done, cuz' I'm ready for BED ! ! !

Once I got back up to Kaysville after the bridal shower (mentioned in the post below this one) Ashley did for her friend, we went over to Mom's for her party. What fun it was to see my Aunt Florene and Cousin Marilynn there all the way from Grand Junction, CO. ! (and of course everybody else that came). Thanks to everybody for coming because my Mom really enjoyed it! I am so happy that Denice could come from WI and be a part of all of it. It's always great to have her here. I'm not going to go in to detail because Whitey has already done so along with posting a slide show. She did a beautiful job on the book she made for Mom and everybody really enjoyed looking at it. And there was Cheryl's idea of the Memory Box and Kari's beautiful job in making it along with KD helping get the memories typed up. (We missed you and all your's KD. Wish you and all the other's up your way could have been there).
Before the party,.....maybe a couple of weeks, Clydene sent out an email message to a few of us (Sue, KC, KD and myself) asking "can you help me with this you need to get your cowboy twang going". This was a story Mom had told over the years about her friend Vada and herself. Clydene wanted a poem telling the story that she could use in her book she was making for Mom. This was her notes about the story Mom told.

Veda and I watched the cows as they came marching (parading) home today from mountains high to the greener pasture were they could roam and eat to their contentment. but in the mix of these female bovine a bull elk did appear and with one look from him we surely feared he wanted us for supper. So up a tree we both did scamper and right behind us the sound of his breath we could feel on the back of our necks so up the tree we sat all day till Veda's big brother came and chased away that big old elk and rescued us from our fate.

So,......I took the elk by the horn (no punn intended) and wrote a poem using as much of Clydene's notes as I could. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, .... this is how it goes.

The Elk and the Tree
Written by: Janette
The cows we were watchin’ my friend Vada and me
As they paraded down the mountain fer' us both to see.
They were headed for the pastures where they’d eat all day
They’d mosey and browse eatin’ what they may.
Well it’s fer’ sure it’s been a mighty long time ago
I remember we couldn’t afford to take it real slow.
For amongst those cows a BIG bull elk did stand
Wanting to eat us for supper we feared was his plan.
One look from the elk is all it took
To run for our lives while in our shoes we shook.
So Vada and me we ran as fast as we could
Cuz’ that BIG bull elk made himself understood.
Up the tree we scampered, we feared for our lives
The only thing on our minds was fer’ us to survive.
As we climbed up the tree we could feel the HOT breath
Of the BIG bull elk on the back of our necks.
So up that tree we sat the whole day through
And how to get down we had not a clue.
Out yonder in the distance Vada’s brother did see
What was happenin’ to us both while up in that tree.
So he ran and he chased that old elk away
And rescued us from our fate on that dreaded day.

Like Clydene requested, there is a little bit of cowboy twang in there. I tried to read it for Mom so she kind of got the jest of how it was suppose to sound. Don't really know how it went over. The picture above is the very tree they climbed up and a picture of Mom and Vada that Clydene had in the book next to my poem.


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  2. I love the Spencers side of our family. So much fun and adventures always going on over there. Your poem is a grand example and will be treasured by all of us forever....Nadine is still a rascal, a female version of her older brother Tom.