Monday, March 2, 2009

Bridal Shower for Ashley's Friend

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Ashley and I were getting ready for her best friend’s bridal shower for Sat. 2/21. We had it at the Marriott Fairfield Inn down in Provo. It turned out quite nice. Kimberly’s colors are Black, Hot Pink and White. We made the invitations and got them all put together. Ashley cut the white flowers (suppose to represent a Gerber Daisey) out with her Cricket. For the middle of the flower we put a black button and I did a cross stitch in the holes of the button with the hot pink thread. We also did favors that were really cute, but a lot of work! They were plastic clear tube things that we filled with the Valentine colors of (pink ,white and red) M&M’s and Ashley cut the words “from this moment” out of black vinyl with her Cricket. We stuck them on the tubes. We trimmed the tubes with black ribbon with hot pink poka-dots and tied them on the end of the tube. I made some really good Chicken Salad which everybody seemed to enjoy (they had seconds). The croissants were huge! I let them put their own slivered almonds, cranraisins and purple onions and lettuce on their sandwiches. I brought veggie trays and Kimberly’s momma brought a fruit platter. We also provided drinks and a cake with cupcakes around it. Ashley had a really cute game where she had asked Kimberley's future husband some questions which he answered. Kimberly was asked the questions. With every wrong answer she got a piece of bubble gum she had to chew. She ended up with a good size wad, but not as bad as it could have been. Also Ash sent around a piece of paper where we all wrote 2 lines that ended up in a pretty cute poem. She kept folding the paper so that the next person couldn't see what the previous person had written. That was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from the shower. WOW! Kimberly only has 25 days til’ her wedding. This is a young lady that I have more or less watched grow-up with Ashley from Kindergarten on in Kemmerer, WY. In fact, she was mostly the reason that we let Ashley go back up to WY the last half of her senior year so she could graduate with Kim and the rest of her Class of 2002’. I can’t believe how fast the last almost 7 years have flown by since their graduation. Anyway, a good time was had by all that attended. Then we were off and running to get back up to Kaysville for Mom’s 78th Birthday Party!!!!


  1. Thanks so much momma for everything you did to help me make it a special day for Kimberly. I could have NEVER done it without you. I love you and I know Kimberly loves you are truly the second mom to her.

    Love ya!

  2. A perfect bridal shower. I am printing up this blog for future reference....loved the idea of the chewing gum. So funny.