Saturday, March 27, 2010

There Is A Birthday,....A Very Special Birthday !

Happy Birthday Sue! Lot's of memories, ....... fun times, not so fun times, beautiful sunny days and very gray days, school days and summer days, childhood days to grownup days and so much more. They were all shared between an aunt and four nieces that loves you like a sister. We all feel very Blessed that you are OURS!
Love You!


  1. This is so nice and I love you for thinking of me. Your right on all counts for all the times we've share - but mostly the happy, sunny, summer days n' nights, and all the LOVE is what I hold dear to my heart. Love you....

  2. So sorry that I missed this post. But glad I stumbled across it now. Happy Birthday Auntie Sioux. Great accolade and one which all of us will "DITTO".