Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Candy Easter Grass ?

Just wanted to know if anyone besides Ashley and I noticed the edible Easter Basket Grass out in the stores? We were curious, so we bought some for Diana's Easter bucket. There were 3 flavors that we noticed - orange, strawberry and blueberry. We got the later 2. Pink and Blue!
Of course we had to see what it was like so we opened the package to try the strawberry. Not alot of flavor!, but we did put it in the bucket. Decided not to put the blue in there with the pink, but tasted it. Same reaction. It felt like shredded paper. I guess if you shoved it in your mouth with a handful of the hard shelled candy Easter eggs (Whitey), it might be just o.k. Anyway, Diana liked it and ate some of it. Kidz! They'll eat anything that has to do with candy!

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