Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Christmas Poem

Christmas Is Coming
By: Janette - 2009
From The Sprankle House To Your House
Christmas is coming it is plain to see,
It's the time of year, we get a chilly breeze.
The snow starts to fly and it hits the ground,
I bet if you look, snow angels can be found.

Ole' Santa in his suit with his beard of fluff,
Down the chimney he'll come with his bag of stuff.
Yes Santa is cool and it’s great to believe,
But it’s better to give than just to receive.

The stars in the winter night up above,
Remind me of God and His Heaven of love.
They look like diamonds that sparkle so bright,
Yes,...Christmas Eve is God's most Holy Night.

The smells in the air at Christmas time,
Is one of my favorites,... its so sublime.
The lights on the tree and the angel on top,
Makes me want to dance to Jingle Bell Rock!

Let’s not forget what the real meaning is,
It’s all about Jesus and what is His.
He came to this earth with a purpose in mind,
It’s love and it’s peace He wants us to find.

So come one, come all it’s time to sing,
All the holiday songs with laughter it will bring.
It is our wish for a happy holiday season,
Whatever your Faith or whatever the Reason!

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