Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jase ! ! !

Grandma and I Want to wish my nephew Jase a very Happy Birthday! He is the first son of Ina's (Denice). He is the second Grandson of Clyde and Nadine. Those of you distant cousins out there that don't know him, he was in a small group picture at my Dad's funeral that Sioux posted back in April of 2007. He was born 9 days after my son, Christopher. He too lives in Montana so visits with him are few and far between. He's always been such a handsome young man, and I'll let all of you determine if you think he looks a little like Tom Cruise or not. I hope your wonderful little family will spoil you rotten today! Again, Happy Birthday Jase! We love you!


  1. too dang CUTE! I wish you the happiest of days, that some snow on your noggin?!

  2. Still remember him eating spaghetti in the tub covered in sauce! Happy Birthday Jase!

  3. Tom Cruise? No, Jase is his own handsome hunk, thank goodness. Happy Birthday to the Man from Montana.