Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Tracy!

Grandma Spencer and I wanted to wish our beautiful Tracy a Happy Birthday! (and 'yes' folks, November is certainly the Spencer's month for birthdays). Grandma and I called her up to sing Happy Birthday to her tonight. We sang our hearts out, but guess what? It was Cimber that answered the phone and not Tracy. So after we sang she said, "now do you want to sing it to my mom?". Ooooops! But actually I think we sang it better the SECOND time around anyway. Tracy and Bill with their children live up in Dell, MT so of course we don't get to see them often enough. She just recently graduated from college and made us all very proud of her. She is certainly a very special young lady, not to mention crafty and a wonderful mom and grandma! She has more patience than anybody I know except for her Aunt NaNa of course. Tracy is the second daughter of Cheryl Young and Steven Hess and the second grandchild of Clyde and Nadine. We hope your birthday was a fun filled day and one of the best! We love you Tracy!

This was a Davis County Clipper newspaper article which shows Tracy as one of the winners of the logo contest for the Knowlton Elementary School in Farmington, UT. In case you can't read the top of it, the picture was in the October 8, 1980 edition of the local newspaper when Tracy (second from right in front row) was in the 4th grade. I found it in my box of treasures and wanted to share it with you. Dave and I were back in North Carolina living at the time, so Cheryl sent this to me when it was published. (I thought you would be able to double click on the article to make it bigger, but it's not going to work.)


  1. Happy Birthday Tracy. So you are one of the Montana Group! Glad to get to know a little about you. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  2. Wow you have posted a lot. Happy Birthday Ash, Chris and Tracy. I always pretended to be Tracy whenever I played "house" and loved to pretend I had long dark hair like hers.

    Cute thanksgiving crafts, too. I need some cuteness in my house for turkey day...

  3. and yes i do not see my mom but my daughter in those pictures on the side bar. I will have to get a copy of her holding the gun wearing the hat...

  4. Yep, she is just getting older and older... We love her still though! And "Jo" what??? You did not want to be me? It's always Tracy, Tracy, Tracy! I guess we all love her!

  5. WOW! Lotsa b-days in the month of November! So March must be the only time the guys were around from their cattle chores! Happy Birthday, Tracy. Wish we got to see more of you and your crew. They're all growing up and so cute!

    Also, Congrats on your accomplishment of college degree. It's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, I guess!