Saturday, November 8, 2008

Utah Utes are GREAT!

What a great game to be at last night! It was a "keep you on the edge of your seat" type of game. TCU was ahead most of the game with a score of 10 to 6 until the last 47 seconds of the game. Utah beat TCU 13 to 10. WOW!!!! There was so much enthusiasm and the fans were going crazy! It was truly awesome to be there. We had fun, and my throat is now raspy from all the yelling I did. The U of U football team stands at 10 and 0. They play San Diego there next weekend, then it is BYU coming to the UofU the following week, I believe. Better explain why going to these games are so important. Dave graduated from the UofU in 1972 along with ROTC. He originally went down on a football scholarship from Davis High, but because he was doing the ROTC thing also, he was told he needed to do one or the other. He decided on the "other" and gave up the scholarship. Anyway, he is a loyal fan which in turn makes me one also. The Utes were sporting their new black uniforms with a little red and white. They asked the fans to wear all black. I would say 90% of them did. It looked really different looking out over the stadium. We thought we would be freezing our behinds off but it was really quite comfortable with a couple of layers on. Ashley is up from St. George and our friend Wally came down from Wyoming for the game. GO UTES!


  1. That game was amazing. I cannot believe they pulled it out. It about gave me a heart attack!! Take Care!!

  2. "A Utah man am I sir,
    And I live across the green."

    Ahhh. Those were the days, and now Utah is all in black.....Awesome. Our old Alma Mater RULEZ!!