Friday, November 28, 2008

Tis' The Season !

I guess I got a little over anxious and decided now that Thanksgiving is over and "Black Friday" is pretty much over, I am changing my template on my blog. I thought this one was nice, so this is it folks at least for the Christmas Season.

Also, the little picture of the angel below is a free clip art I found on the internet. I took it and blew it up so that it filled an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of photo paper and printed it out twice. After doing that, I cut out around the angels and glued them back to back on an empty toilet paper roll (just poked the top of the tree up in to the roll) and made it my tree topper last year. It turned out really cute!


  1. Who in the world would ever think of that for a tree topper? Brilliant! Have a great Christmas month and make some cookies for me.

  2. And of course she is a little white haired angel like me right?? Cute idea toilet paper roll and all.