Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is what I do when I'm home alone.........

My Yesteryears
By Janette
I Ponder and think and look back on my days
There’s lots to remember, some things are a haze,
But there are those times when in the back of my mind
I dig deep within myself for treasures to find.

My Mom and my Dad played a very big part
In my life’s journey, they gave me my start,
There were four of us girls Mom & Dad was so blessed
Dad feeling out numbered but loving it,….he confessed.

Growing-up on South Main was filled with lots of fun
We had plenty of space to walk, skip and run,
Lots of games we would play, one was “Red Rover, Red Rover”
It was always so fun to send someone right over.

Having the hollow to play in was the best by far
Playing down there was better than going for a ride in the car,
It was a whole different world down in that hollow
Through the brush, mud and water it was fun just to wallow.

At night on the grass in our bags we would sleep
Didn’t take long before we were counting the sheep,
But we’d look up and see the bright stars and the moon
Knowing that morning would come all too soon.

My parents were the best, they sacrificed what they could
To make sure their girls had every thing they should,
There were swimming lessons at Lagoon and matinees to see
We would anticipate weekly the movie displayed on the marquee.

There were music lessons to be had for Cheryl and I
Didn’t do much good to be timid and shy,
Me with my mandolin, her with her guitar
Entertaining we did, we were near and went far.

A new house Dad bought, was pleased as could be
To be able to move his whole family,
To a new home on three-fifty South
He was so proud when he bought that brand new house!

In February of nineteen-sixty one,
The BIG move started, it had already begun,
When Dad said out loud, we have had some luck
“Get packing”, he said “get your stuff on the truck”!

These are just some of the memories I have shared
In the back of my mind nothing can compare,
To what I remember and what is in my heart
Yes,….my Mom and my Dad played a very big part!

I’d like to say more but no more will fit
One of these days there will be more to submit,
To my friends and family I’ll be ready to bare
More of my memories to those who care.

It’s time to stop, and stop I must
There’s things to be done, and things to dust,
Washing the dishes and cleaning the floor
It’s time to start and get on with my chores!


  1. I love your poetry - but then I may be partial to the memories that it holds. Most of these same things I remember fondly...

  2. lots of memoires sis, well written