Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In Memory of My Dad, Clyde - 8/7/1928 - 4/15/2007

Thanks for all the memories Dad! You are in my heart forever! Love you!


  1. When I read yours and Whitey's blogs, it's soooo obvious how much you both loved your Dad! Sounds like he was a wonderful father. :o)

  2. I know it's a bittersweet memory - but memories are the things Life is made up of. So relish them and cherish them.

  3. So much has happened for us in the last 2 years and I cannot believe he is not here to share life with us... But I know that he lives on in each of us and that the beautiful thing is we will meet again!

  4. Well there is that guy I remember! Probably just pinched one of the kids next to him.
    Missing him too...and his witty grin. Love you all.