Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Cat and the Beetle Bug

Thought I'd share some photos of Nathan and Pamela's cat whose name is "Xerox". The name was given to him because he is a copy of his daddy through and through. The dad's name was "Crouching Tiger" and I added "Spoiled Rotten Cat" to it, because he was. Anyway, when I was down in AR at their house, we were out on the back deck and I noticed this big ole' beetle bug. It seemed huge until Xerox noticed it and then comparing his paw to the beetle, the bug didn't seem as big. He played really nice with it tho'. Never did kill it or torment it really. Just played. Eventually the beetle made it's way over to the end of the big long deck and got down on the side of it then fell down into the grass. Xerox noticed where it went and jumped down himself. No,...he did not jump on it, he just played a little more with it until he got bored. It was way funny to watch him. He was so cute with it.

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