Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pennsylvania - Birthplace of my Hubby - Post #2

We then headed in to Pennsylvania towards Gettysburg. We made a stop there and went in to the Cyclorama there at the visitor center, plus we saw a movie about the battle at Gettysburg in the theatre (I'm going to post some pictures at Gettysburg in my last post about this trip because we stopped there again after leaving the Harrisburg area on our last day in PA and on our way back to the airport in Baltimore). After doing that, along with spending some time in the gift shop, we headed to New Cumberland which is south of Harrisburg to hour hotel. Dave was born in Harrisburg. We stayed there for 3 nights. After we got dinner and went for a ride (we went and found Walmart), we settled in for the night. Next day we got up, got ready and drove over to Rutherford where Dave grew up. We went and saw the Sprankle home and all his friend’s homes and where they lived in conjunction to Dave. We went over to the schools him and his sisters attended and saw a big huge cornfield that lines the old neighborhood. We drove down this little country road where he use to ride his bike with no worries of getting hit by a car, but that has changed a lot. The traffic is rather heavy, and the ups and downs and curves and trees make it very dangerous as it would be hard to notice a bike rider or any body walking or jogging when traveling at the now posted speed limit. We stopped by this old churchyard cemetery. It had graves in it from the mid 1700’s +. There is a marker that said, “Here lie the pioneers, defenders of the frontier soldiers of the French and Indian wars, the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Among them are: (then it lists known names, but there are probably more in there). This marker was erected by Harrisburg Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution June 19, 1924 in celebration of their thirtieth anniversary. I don’t know about any of you that reads my posts about different places, but I find things like this very interesting. There is so much history back east that I have been exposed to over the years, especially since getting married to and traveling with Dave in the Army and years since. Hope you find it interesting too!

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