Sunday, July 19, 2009

Maryland/Pennsylvania Post #1

I wanted to post some stuff on our trip back east in June. Since we had already scheduled annual leave for Dave's birthday week, we delayed it until the end of that week in to the next because Dave had training in Maryland in a town called Chesterfield, I believe. He traveled there on Monday, June 15th, he flew me there on Friday, June 19th. I flew in to JFK in New York City, which was pretty cool because we came down from the Great Lakes region and flew south of the city, out over the ocean, then flew along the coast line. I was on the left side of the airplane, so I got to see the city from over the water, flying north then turned inward and flew over the western side of the city in to the airport, at least from what I could tell. We never did get to the gate at the terminal we were suppose to pull up to. After waiting the whole 30 minutes we were early, they finally parked us out on the tar matt and had a people mover come to the plane and get us. We rode in to a different terminal than we were suppose to. We were running late by then and so I immediately headed towards my gate, but made a quick stop in to the ladies room, then on to the gate. I get down there (one of the last gates in that terminal) and they tell me the flight I’m going out on to Baltimore was changed to another terminal all the way on the other side of it. I was literally running with a bag in each hand through this what seemed like a maze of hallways. I heard the “last call to board” 3 times before getting to where I needed to be. I was the last paid customer on the plane, and one “stand-by customer” followed me. Whew! It tires me out just thinking about it. That night we stayed in Frederick MD. Next day we headed towards Emitsburg, MD to stop and see if the National FEMA Center had changed at all. Dave went there to a Fire course back when my cousin Terry and Margaret Spencer still lived in that state. I stayed with them while Dave was at training. We stopped and took a couple of
pictures in front of the big sculpture of the firemen. It started to downpour rain so that was all we ended up doing there. We then headed in to Pennsylvania towards Gettysburg.

Dave standing in front of the Firemen sculpture at FEMA in Emitsburg, MD

Here we go! On our way in to PA

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  1. Nettie, you were bumming around in my neighborhood at the same time I was bumming around out west in your neighborhood. What gives? Can't we plan better than that?