Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Post #4 - Natural Hot Springs - A Way To Get Good Water

Here is a couple of pictures of Nathan and Pamela getting their drinking water. And by the way, it doesn't cost a cent, unless of course you go buy your water jugs. They use whatever they have to get the water. There are at least 4 or maybe more of these areas in down town Hot Springs, AR where you can pull over and get the water from the spickets. The water is very warm when it comes out of the ground, but that isn't a problem to most people because they take it home and refrigerate it or just pour it over ice for a nice big glass of ice water that tastes good and is good for you!
N8 getting his share of the water

Pamela and Nathan filling what ever jugs they have available

Pamela getting some of the jugs filled and loving it!

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  1. How great that they get to fill up in the middle of town. Kind of fun to see that. Lima's water is supplied by a natural spring and they have really good water there!