Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our trip into Hershey, PA - Post #3

We headed over to Hershey, PA on Sunday. I love that place. Here are some pictures of the outside of Chocolate World, some on the Trolly we took a tour on, and around town. I love the street lights they have lining the main street. The lights are Hershey Kisses. To learn a little more about Hershey, PA, just Google on it and all kinds of things will come up about it. It was Milton S. Hershey that founded the Boy's school/orphanage along with his wife. Now days they have it for both boys and girls. Of course they have the amusement park, but I myself have never been in it, however Dave did as a young boy. My first time to Hershey was in July 1970 when we went on a walking tour of the real factory. It was way cool. Chocolate World today has a simulated factory in it with real chocolate, and you go on the tour in cars,...kind of like "It's A Small World" at Disneyland, only there you are in boats. They take a picture of you as you are coming to the end of the tour. It was really neat. You get a small sample of a Hershey bar when you get out and the ramp takes you down in to this huge store. I got a few souveniers for family members, but you gotta' have money in the bank to buy everything you want. I had a limit! There is a picture in this post of the inside of our trolley along with me and the two conductors who did a really cute skit during the whole tour. On the trolley ride we went all over the Hershey grounds which included the home of the Hershey's and we saw the original chocolate factory also pictured in this post and another of the amusement park with the factory in the background. It's quite large. You will notice the two huge brown smoke stacks Iif that is what they are). The smoke stacks has the word Hershey on them. We went all around the town of Hershey, PA. We took alot of pictures, but just didn't want to bore anybody with them. We had a really good day!


  1. OOOH, yum! I don't know how this trip wouldn't appeal to almost everyone...kinda like a Willy Wonka ride. Tubs, and vats, and rows of chocolate - I can almost smell it. Thanks for the lovely vacation.

  2. I am putting that city on my bucket list, for sure!!!