Sunday, July 12, 2009

No More Hot Springs After This One ! ! !

Last day with Pamela and Nathan
in Hot Springs, AR
This is a lake that Nathan, Pamela and I visited the day before I left to come back home from Hot Springs. It was beautiful, peaceful and a great way to spend the day with them before leavings. We started out by heading to this place called "Hot Springs Village",what seemed to only be about 15 miles from Hot Springs, give or take. It sounded like a really neat place to go check out. Kind of thought it was a resort area or a park of some kind or an old time village with stores, souvenir shops and fun stuff to go look at. We passed it up without know it on the way getting to it and ended up the highway a bit towards this lake we found quite by accident. After leaving Lake Ouachita State Park (go to the previous link to learn a little about the state park), we went back down towards "Hot Springs Village" to see what it was all about. Guess what?,.....we didn't even get in! We got STOPPED at the gate by a security person that we thought was going to wave us right on through. NOT !!!! He said, "What can I help you with"? Nathan said, "we thought we would go in a take a look around,....". The security guard interrupted what N8 was saying and said, "You can't do that, this is a gated community". (In other wards, we don't let the every day rif-raf in here). He was very rude and bluntly said, "You'll need to turn around on the other side of the guard shack and head on out". Well,..did that make me mad? You bet it did! He didn't even give us a chance to say why we were wanting to see the place. Does nobody believe in Customer Service anymore? After all,....we thought it was a park! Anyway, this is it on our trip to Hot Springs. You're probably saying ya-hooooo! Right? Our trip there was great, and I hope that some of you thought these posts were somewhat worth reading about that area. Enjoy some of the pictures that were taken at Lake Ouachita.
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Relaxing by the lake taking in the piece and quiet

Making their way up the hill with the lake in the background

This is the bark on the pine trees you see in the background. I thought it was unusual for a pine. I like it so much I have it as my background on my little lap top for now.

Close view of the pine tree with the "bark"

And another

Some more. You'd think I like the trees more than the lake, huh?

Nathan and Pamela amongst the trees with some water showing,...honest!

Ahhhh! Pine trees in the pretty blue water!

If you are curious at all, here is the link that talks about Hot Springs Villiage. Guess I was wrong about it being a park, eh? In fact, it looks like it is a very popular place to be,....if you can get in that is!


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